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Call your Representatives

1. Find your Representative.  If you don't know who your U.S. Representative is you can quickly search for them here! You can also learn what committees they serve on, how long they've been in office, and more. 

2. Call this number. Anyone can reach their representatives by calling the U.S. Capitol Switchboard. Simply call 202-224-3121 and provide the operator with your zipcode. You then will be connected to your representative's office. 

3. Use our script or your own words. We've provided an example script you can use on your phone call. Just click on the button above to get started! Feel free to use the script verbatim, or add your own personal voice to share why this issue matters to you.

4. Let us know that you called! Help us measure our national impact by taking a second after your phone call to let us know you took action. Indicate if you left a voicemail or spoke to a staffer, and let us know how the conversation went!

5. Ask 3 friends to call their reps too. Share this page with 3 of your friends or colleagues to ask that they call their representatives too. Every call counts, and the more phone calls we make the more support we can build behind us.

Tips for your call:

  • Keep the call short and sweet. Representatives hear about a lot of issues, so it's important to keep to the point

  • Don't get worry about getting bogged down in the details. Just showing your support for the issue has a big impact

  • Make sure to clearly state your name and that you are one of their constituents

  • Always end your call thanking them for their time

I took action!

Thanks for taking action to #FUELHigherEd!

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